The Open Card Sort

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This exercise will help you to think about the connections between the different items in your content inventory. Be willing to explore the different ways you might group your items to reveal connections that might not be apparent at first glance. Make sure you have completed the content inventory before you begin.

  1. Watch the video above and review at least one of the links under “helpful materials.”
  2. In class, create two sticky notes for each item in your content inventory.
  3. We will then organize them in class together.

The most useful exercise in this class for me was having classmates card sort my collection of Wesleyan experiences. Having other people tell me about the connections they saw from my experiences helped me see more clearly how my different experiences all came together.

Card sorts; I was challenged to think about my experiences in different ways to identify how differently they are interconnected.

I actually really liked the card sort. At first I was hesitant to its usefulness, but it helped me truly understand and expand the skills I thought of when I think about my time at Wesleyan.

The first card sort was really eye opening because it had me write a lot of things that I do/did down on a paper and find different ways of classifying them. Also, seeing my classmates’ post-its helped me think outside of my box. I got new ideas for categories and ideas about things to write about.

The open card sorts because they made me realize that my experiences can fall into more places than just resume categories.

I think some of the card sorts, particularly when you are forced into more externally-defined topics, were extremely useful. It pushed me to think about fractions of my artifacts that could fall under different, broader, and more subjective categories. I think it would be incredibly good prep for an interview for a liberal arts student.

The card sort exercises/workshops played a big role in helping me to properly name and categorize all of my posts to appropriate destinations.

The rush of getting everything down and then trying to organize it in multiple different ways was really helpful to conceptualize my time at Wes.

I loved card sorting because it really made me think about what I really got out of all of my experiences.