The Content Inventory

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This exercise will help you review what you have done during your time at Wesleyan, both inside and outside of the classroom. Think broadly about your experiences, accomplishments, and failures and what those teach you about your interests, strengths, weaknesses. The longer the list, the more this exercise will help you during future exercises. 

  1. Watch the video above.
  2. Review your transcript, resume, the folders on your computer, and even the pictures on your phone!
  3. Come to class, where we will do the rest!

I think the initial content inventory exercise was the most useful because it made me think long and hard about the experiences I’ve had while at Wesleyan. It was great to see my experiences and accomplishments on the page so that I could which ones to write about later.

It was very thought-provoking to think about what I have done thus far in Wes.

I think just organizing all of my experiences within the content inventory as allowed me to organize my thoughts and to understand how my experiences are significant in my life.

The content inventory exercise really helped me to decide which experiences over the past 3 years at Wes have been the most transformative and memorable in my college career. By writing these moments down I was able to think about other moments that did not come to mind at first and really find those stories that have great value for the portfolio that we have created.

The exercise that was the most useful was doing the content inventory workshop. This is because this allowed me to do the most reflection on what I’ve done at Wesleyan and what I have gained from it.

LOVE the content inventory, it is an amazing exercise and I wish I had been building it since freshman year!

I appreciated the content inventory because it allowed me to take a step back and consider all of the different types of projects and work I’ve engaged with throughout my time at Wesleyan.