Cross-listed as AFAM 320, FIST 350

Rachael Barlow | | North College 309 | Make an appointment

M, 2:50 – 4:10 pm

This course is intended for seniors who have a single, significant experience or project they wish to unpack and about which they have something to say. Over the course of the semester, students will have:

  • Considered the details of their experience/project, including the range of tasks they completed, skills they developed, challenges they faced, and knowledge they now have.
  • Represented their work by building a website in WordPress that speaks to a specific, identified audience.
  • Used research practices associated with user experience (UX) principles to build and test the content and design of their website.

There are FIVE things I expect you to do in this course:

  • Prep before class. Before class, I will ask you to prepare for an exercise or workshop, often by skimming a short article or two or watching a video
  • Attend & participate in class. In class, I will ask you to participate wholeheartedly in each exercise/workshop. Show up on time and be ready to jump right in.
  • Share after class. After each class, I will ask you to upload your work for the day so that your classmates and I can see your progress.
  • Complete posts/pages & meetings. By the end of the course, you will have written at least six posts/pages. I will also have met with you twice in my office.
  • Submit a final website. At the end of the semester, you will participate in a “launch party” to which you will be required to bring 2 guests. Start thinking now about who they will be.

This is a pass/fail class. To pass it, you must attend at least 11 of the 13 classes. Your presence is crucial in helping our class develop a sense of community and for providing each other with feedback. When you miss a class, make an appointment with me to talk about what you missed.

Risk-taking & sharing.  You will not get what you should get out of this class unless you are willing to take a few risks. I want you to share unfinished, messy, ugly drafts of your work with other students in the class. Take a deep breath and give us whatever you have before, during and after class. It may be half-finished. You may not be proud of it. That is okay.  

You can share all of your work by going putting your posts, artifacts, images, and other files in the Google Drive folder assigned to you for the course. Remember that anything you put in this folder can be seen by other students in the class. This is intentional, and you’re expected to share your work this way unless there is a specific file you want only me to review and comment on.

All exercises/workshops take place during class, but check the “what to do” tab for each exercise to see what you need to do to prepare in advance. Each post is due by the start of class on the day it is due in your “Posts/pages” folder on Google Drive. Each meeting with me will take place in my office (North College 309) must be completed by the day listed below.

(takes place in class)
(via Zoom or call)
1/27Mind Mapping
2/3Audience Analysis
2/10Creative Brief Meeting 1
2/17WireframingPost/page 1
2/24Theme HuntPost/page 2
3/2Website Pitch Post/page 3
3/23Hero Messaging Post/page 4 6 m 20 s
3/30Plugin Play Post/page 5 9m 02 s Meeting 2
4/6Sight and Sound Post/page 6 10 m 15 s
4/13Mood Boarding 6 m 38 s
4/20Design Decisions 11 m 50 s
4/27UX Test Set-Up12 m 25 s
5/4Final touches14 m 00 s

*To protect students’ privacy, these are password protected. Please email RB for the password!

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