This class was lots of fun! Very different than any other course I have taken here. It was great to reflect on these past four years. Really makes me realize how much I have accomplished!

The course helped me take stock of the last four years of my time at Wesleyan and write about experiences that I was proud to share. It was good to learn how to write about significant experiences.

I think everyone should be required to take this course before their senior year. It was one of the most useful classes I have taken at this school. It allowed me to look deeper at my experiences and build a portfolio out of them! Really interesting course.

I thought this class was very fun and helped me with skills that I would not have a chance to improve on in other classes, such as designing a website, or thinking critically about my own tasks.

I really enjoyed this course because it is different from most of the courses I have taken during my time at Wesleyan. It made me understand myself better and contextualize things I have done and achieved.

It taught me practical plug ins and features to include in a website. It also helped me consider accessibility features to make the website usable by people with low/poor vision, people who are blind, or people with LDs.

This class, or at least components of it, should somehow be required for all undergraduates because understanding and communicating the importance of our liberal arts experiences is difficult but essential.

I loved this course for it helped me reflect on my time here at Wesleyan. This was my favorite class I have taken thus far from my time here.

This class showed me what it takes to make a website by first showing me the planning process and the imagination that it takes to think of a full concept. Also, it showed me what it takes to finish the concept and really build it out to look the way you imagined it.

The assignments helped me realize how much growing and maturing I have done since I came to Wesleyan, and what events lead to my growth. Also, the course helped me realize and work on things I need to improve. It is a very fun course that is useful and teaches valuable lessons by reflecting on experiences.

There are not many chances to reflect on your time at Wes, but this course did exactly that.

I thought I was going to reflect on my liberal arts education, but to be honest, wasn’t expecting to be as surprised as I was by the actual shape of the course! I thought the exercises were all very creative and clever and created space for reflection, which otherwise wouldn’t have happened. I really appreciate the design of the course.

This course helped me learn ways in which I can talk about experiences in my life to fit into different categories of personal growth, etc. I would not have learned this if I had not taken the course and I am so happy that I decided to take this course.

Being apart of Wes you automatically have an understanding that even though we’re all here we’re all doing so many different and cool things that you always can’t keep up with what others are doing. So through this class I was able to learn more about people, and also go in-depth and explore the different facets of campus life that I typically have no exposure to.

For the first time, I thought about things like the flow of the website, the real user–experience, the audience personas – all helped me step into the shoes of my website visitors and really design for them.

Mean scores for main course evaluation items for WRCT 200

Fall 2018Spring 2019Fall 2019Spring 2020Fall 2020six term mean
Overall quality of course7.838.507.50
Overall quality of teaching8.298.787.888.438.318.008.20
I knew what was expected of me in this course.8.438.788.468.528.508.338.48
Instructor communicated knowledge effectively.8.718.898.508.578.638.578.60
Instructor conveyed enthusiasm for the subject.8.868.788.738.628.638.718.70
Instructor treated students with respect.8.868.788.588.678.638.768.68
Instructor was accessible outside of class.8.869.008.628.678.638.678.69
The assignments were a useful part of the course.8.718.788.248.438.388.298.39
There was a clear connection between instruction and assessment.8.868.678.428.378.338.338.43
My understanding/skills grew as a result of this course.8.578.568.278.338.448.438.39
# of students responding7926211621100

Minimum = 1 (poor/strongly disagree); maximum = 9 (exceptional/strongly agree).

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