Mood Boarding

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This exercise will help you think about what you want your website to feel like.

  1. Watch the video above.
  2. Set up a folder on your desktop where you will keep the images you find.
  3. Come to class ready to search for images and create your mood board.

I really loved doing the mood board! I thought it was a great exercise to develop skills for creating an appealing and appropriate theme for the layout of our websites. It was fun, straight forward, and very enjoyable! I thought it was a great idea to practice skills in design that would be more difficult to teach otherwise.

My favorite exercise was the moodboards. It was cool to see how through just pictures a mood could be portrayed in a website.

The mood board activity was my favorite because it served as good practice for using images, textures, colors, etc. to convey a certain mood or idea which is important for creating a website that adequately expresses what the author intended.

Important time stamps

  • 55 sec – example moodboard
  • 5 min 38 sec – instructions
  • 9 min 30 sec – low internet instructions
  • 48 sec – example moodboard
  • 3 min 33 sec – instructions
  • 6 min 20 sec – low internet instructions