Documenting a Day

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In this exercise, you will pay special attention to what exactly you do in a day at Wesleyan. Pay attention to both the big and little things that happen to you in a day or things that you make happen. Document it all!

  1. Do everything described in the video above.
  2. Be ready to present to the rest of the class, according to the following guidelines:
    • Pick a busy weekday
    • Create/annotate 6 slides
    • Each slide should run for 30 seconds (see #3 for instructions on how to do this)
    • All slides should show artifacts from work you did for courses, a club/organization/team on that day
  3. Follow these instructions to publish your Google slideshow to the web.
  4. Post the link to your presentation to the Google Doc in our shared folder.

The day in the life exercise was fun and pushed me to be concise in my presentation skills.

I really enjoyed the documenting our day exercise. Sometimes, the days and weeks go by super fast, I don’t pay attention to how much happens in just one day. And after doing the exercise, I noticed how much work I was putting on myself in just one day. After the exercise, I planned my schedule more accordingly for next semester in order to make sure I wasn’t putting too much on my plate.