The Integrative Learning Project (ILP) helps students describe in a coherent and engaging narrative the various academic and non-academic activities, projects, and experiences they have had in college and to do so for a variety of audiences (e.g. employers, graduate schools, etc.).

There are two .50 credit courses associated with the ILP. Two sections of WRCT 200 will be offered in Fall 2020 and both WRCT 200 and WRCT 300 will be offered in Spring 2021.

Want to join? We want YOU if you are interested in crafting a narrative about your personal and intellectual development, and want to be able to talk about what skills you have cultivated during your time at Wesleyan and what you still want to learn.

All sophomores, juniors, and seniors who are willing to discuss their strengths, achievements, weaknesses, and failures are welcome in this course. You will not only engage in reflection about your skills and experiences, but will also have the opportunity to design an online portfolio in WordPress, the world’s most popular content management software, and test the portfolio with different audiences by employing user experience design (UX) principles and research methodologies.